Portable dual ear bluetooth headset with AMAZING microphone (budget conscious)

I’d love some help choosing a bluetooth headset. Found you guys on youtube.

would love to cover both ears, have something that is both wireless and cable capable, I am open to something that is super portable and covers only one ear (with a carry case for example like the plantronics 5200 voyager)

The item needs to have an AMAZING microphone.

I am extremely budget conscious. I was planning on buying 2 if they didn’t have the battery life. I would prefer buying one, because I’m simply not financial.

Ideally if they were portable, it would be great if they were a dual ear solution with an amazing microphone and long battery life. I haven’t found this solution which is why I needed 2. obviously this form factor doesn’t come with a cable capable solution. most of these fancy solutions (samsung pods or whatever) don’t connect to a pc.

I work mainly from home using mobile and computer. So an over the head pair of headsets that has a wired option and lasts for 19-20 hours, like the Poly Voyager 4320 is a very attractive option.

Is the solution here, to buy one product for working on the phones from home, and another product to listening to music whilst working out? rather than trying to solve both problems with one product?

I have a cheap pair of Bluetooth earphones I use for music whilst working out at the moment. I don’t care about the music quality really. I just want the beats whilst I smash out my reps.

I think I may have answered my question.

But your advice would be greatly appreciated. What’s the best budget option, best mic, over the head, dual ear solution for cable and wireless, long battery life, pc and mobile phone, working from home, noise cancellation on mic mainly (working indoors and covering both ears should mute most noise issues, if the mic has noise cancelling)

Would really appreciate your advice. And if there’s any feasibility to help me with my budget? I’d be eternally grateful.

Thank you.

Thank you for your detailed question. There are some fantastic dual ear headsets for computer/mobile that have fantastic sound quality and mic performance. All 3 of the options linked below will let you use the headset either wired or wireless (charges while plugged in with wire). The videos include mic tests.

  1. Orosound Tilde Pro C-Plus
  1. Jabra Evolve2 75
  1. Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC

Based on your description my recommendation is ranked in order. You cannot go wrong with any of these models as they are all fantastic flagship headsets but the Orosound Tilde Pro would be my choice all things considered.

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