Headset recommendation for Yealink T54W and Zoom/MS Teams?

Hello! Looking for a wireless headset to use in the office with my desk phone (Yealink SIP-T54W) and with my computer for Zoom/MS Teams meetings. Noise canceling is important as is comfort. I suspect I will be taking them on and off periodically each day so durability is important as well. Would love some help/guidance on where to look.

The new line of Yealink headsets would be ideal for your situation. You can simply plug them into the USB port on your Yealink T54W and into your computer USB port. Toggling between both devices is seamless. The Teams variant of the headset is definitely worth taking a look at if Teams is your primary computer application.

Below are links to the recommended headsets and a video review that demonstrates the mic performance.

Yealink WH62

Yealink WH63

Yealink WH66

Yealink WH67

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