Headset for cell phone in noisy home environment (kids, dogs, etc.)

Hello, I am looking for a headset to use with my cell phone in a noisy home environment - kids, dogs, while doing chores… Is there anything you recommend? Thanks!

In noisy environments where you want to focus on your calls and block out surrounding noise I highly recommend you take a look at the Orosound Tilde Pro shown below:

Orosound Tilde Pro

Even if the over-the-head dual ear wearing style isn’t what you were envisioning, I’d highly recommend giving it a good try. The benefits far outweigh the size differential and after you use it for a week or two you will never even consider an earpiece style.

That said, if you are only open to an earpiece style then the video below compares the two most popular models:

Poly Voyager 5200 vs BlueParrott M300-XT

Use coupon code COMMUNITY on any of these headsets for a discount.