Bose 700 headphones on Windows 7 without Bluetooth

Hello Headset Advisor! I want to let you know that I am a computer programmer. Therefore I prefer Windows 7 for programming reasons. I am considering BOSE 700 to talk to my clients and my team members. I am working from home , environment is very noisy. There are alot of distractions while I am on calls. I have heard that Bose 700 is very light weighted which fits my requirements i.e. Comfort , ANC and Good Mic Quality. My device does not have a built in Blue Tooth option. So how will I connect Bose 700 with windows 7 , while my device does not supports Blue Tooth. I have searched alot on internet but found no help so far. Any advice or suggestion would be very much appreciated. Regards!

There are 2 versions:

  1. Bose 700
  2. Bose 700 UC

The Bose 700 is Bluetooth without a Bluetooth USB dongle. To use the Bose 700 you will need a Bluetooth enabled computer.

The Bose 700 UC is also Bluetooth but it comes with a Bluetooth USB dongle. In your case, simply plug the USB dongle into your computer USB port and you can use the Bose 700 UC headset on any of your computer based applications. No need to update Windows 7 to a newer version.

You can view the headset and see the in depth video review below.

Bose 700 UC

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