Best headset for Zoom meetings

Hi! I need your help. I am looking to purchase a bluetooth headset that best fits my needs. You see, I often do zoom meetings in which I am up and about showing the event atendees how to install certain decorative pieces. I need a pair of bluetooth headphones that will allow me to walk around freely, that will have a loud, clear, and high quality microphone sound, and that will cancel the noise of the loud environment around me. Not only that, but I need to be able to connect them with my laptop or pc, not my phone (because the zoom meetings are done through either a laptop or a pc instead of a phone). I would greatly appreciate your help in finding a headset that works for me.

There are several great options on the market for this. Below I will link our two most popular wireless models with the best noise cancelling mics. In the videos you will hear mic tests and the performance of noise cancellation.

Orosound Tilde Pro

Jabra Evolve2 75

For a discount on either option use coupon code COMMUNITY at checkout.